The delicious black olives from Nyons

The black olives from Nyons are one of the many regional products to be found near Le Rêve Provençal. The olives are very tasty and very well known in France. The olive tree by the pool of the gîte of Le Rêve Provençal is also of this species.

The tanche olive

The black olives from Nyons are of the tanche type. This olive variety was the first variety ever to receive an AOC AOP quality mark. And although the olives are labelled as black, when ripe they are dark brown rather than black. They are about 14mm tall and when ripe they are a little wrinkled.

Where do you find these olives?

Production may take place in 35 communities in the Drôme and 18 communes in the Vaucluse. Mirabel-aux-Baronnies is one of those communities and is located in the middle of the production area. 60% of production takes place in the following 6 communities: Nyons, Venterol, Buis-les-Baronnies, Mirabel-aux-Baronnies, la Roche-sur-le-Buis and Piégon. Production has been increasing again since the 1980s. There are about 1,100 producers, spread over 600 hectares.

Olive route

The route de l’olivier en Baronnies is a beautiful route along olive groves. The route can be done by bicycle, car or motorcycle. Along the way you can visit different producers, which can be found on the producers webpage. A nice way to discover our beautiful region.

Map of the Route de l'Olivier

What is made of the black olives from Nyons?

The pickled olives are very tasty, but there are also other products made from them. The olives are used to make Nyons’ olive oil. The olives for the oil must be processed within 4 days of harvesting and the room temperature should not be warmer than 30 degrees at that time.


A tapenade from black olives from Nyons is also very tasty. And Domaine des Arches sells a delicious grilled aubergine tapenade with black olives from Nyons, made with aubergines and olives from its own land. The domain is located less than 3 km from Le Rêve Provençal on the road towards Nyons. In addition to tapenades, you can buy fruit and vegetables, olives, olive oil and wine here. Largely from our own cultivation.

A tasting in Mirabel-aux-Baronnies. Did you know that you can taste olive oil and wines from the region for free at the Office du Tourisme in Mirabel-aux-Baronnies? Highly recommended and within walking distance of Le Rêve Provençal!

Learn more about the black olives from Nyons

In Nyons, a visit to the olive museum Vignolis is worthwhile. Previously, olive oil was also pressed in Mirabel-aux-Baronnies, but production has moved. The Le Vieux Moulin can now be visited in Puymeras. In the lovely village of Villedieu you can not only visit the olive oil mill of Olive Prod, but e-bike tours through the olive grove are also organised there.


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