About us

Meet Erwin Derksen and Margriet Ravensbergen, the owners of Rêve Provençal.

We – Erwin Derksen and Margriet Ravensbergen – have been living in France since the end of 2007. We ended up in Le Mont-Dore in the Massif Central, where we with great enthusiasm rent apartments to holidaymakers at Les Camélias.

Even though we were still enthusiastic about the area and are still happy to share that enthusiasm with our guests, it still started to itch. We soon fell for the area north-west of Mont Ventoux and Mirabel-aux-Baronnies in particular. We put Les Camélias up for sale and bought Le Rêve Provençal.

Because Les Camélias has not yet been sold, we cannot be present at Le Rêve Provençal for the time being. Our dear neighbors will take care of the rental of Le Rêve Provençal for us.


We met in 2000 during a mountain bike holiday in Ecuador. From the start, cycling has been a common thread through our relationship. Whether on a racing bike, mountain bike or on a packed holiday bike; we all like it equally. Cycling holidays with a racing and/or mountain bike in Europe, interspersed with long journeys through, for example, Kenya & Tanzania, South Africa & Lesotho, Nepal and Thailand and a 6-month cycling tour from Lima (Peru) to Ushuaia (southernmost town in South America).

But not only cycling

By the way, it’s not just cycling that we like to do; we also enjoy hiking, trail running and cross-country skiing.

In addition to renting out apartments, we keep ourselves also busy with Buro RaDer, our web design company.

Erwin Derksen and Margriet Ravensbergen from Le Rêve Provençal

The name Le Rêve Provençal.

It was not only our dream to settle in the Drôme Provençale, but in Dutch the word for “dream” is “droom”. With the same pronunciation as “Drôme” in French.

Erwin Derksen and Margriet Ravensbergen at the col de l'Abra del Acay