Taking a dip in the Cascade d’Aubres

Bridge in Les Pilles


What is better than enjoying wonderfully cool water on a hot summer day? Our tip: the Cascade d’Aubres. An easily accessible waterfall. And a nice outing to do with children.

Exploring by bicycle

Recently we had friends staying with us. We decided to go exploring the area by bicycle. Via the Col de la Croix Rouge (513 m) and the photogenic village of Les Pilles, we cycled to the Cascade d’Aubres. It was a hot day and had no idea what to expect from the waterfall.

Happily surprised

From the village of Aubres the road went up pleasantly and after less than 1.5 kilometres we arrived at the Cascade d’Aubres. We were pleasantly surprised. There are a number of small basins in front of the waterfall in which it is wonderful to paddle around. Or when you have swimwear with you, you can even take a dip. So we quickly took off our shoes and socks and explored the basins and the waterfall. Strongly recommended!

The fastest route by car is shown below.

Busy in high season?

We cannot yet say how well known this waterfall is and how busy it gets in high season. There is not much space for parking cars. A matter of trying. If you have visited the waterfall, feel free to let us know what you thought of it in the comment area below! With the dry summers, the waterfall may also be temporarily absent.

Alternatives for the Cascade d’Aubres

Other nice places to take a dip are under the Roman bridge in Nyons or in the Sauve. The Sauve is a stream just outside Venterol, where you can take a dip in a number of places. The signage says “Combe de Sauve”. And of course there are the famous Gorges de Toulourenc, but it has been very busy in recent years and this has a negative impact on the flora and fauna in this area.

A good alternative is the Plan d’eau du Pas des Ondes near Cornillon-sur-l’Oule. Here you can not only swim, but also rent pedal boats, stand up paddle boards, kayaks and electric scooters. It is the azure lake in the pictures below.



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