The vultures of Rémuzat

Photographer and a vulture at the Rocher du Caire above Rémuzat


Watching the vultures of Rémuzat is a popular outing for our guests. Also for our guests with children. It makes sense, as it’s impressive to see these huge birds of prey up close. Don’t forget to bring binoculars to get a better look at the birds.

4 species of vultures of Rémuzat

Up to four different species of vulture can be seen here. The first griffon vultures were successfully reintroduced in 1987. Today, 290 pairs of griffon vultures have been counted. Since then, black vultures and Egyptian vultures have been added. In 2016, eight young bearded vultures were also released. All vultures are scavengers, but the bearded vulture feeds for 80% on the bones of cadavers! These vultures can swallow bones as big as 18 cm. When the bones are larger, they drop them from the air to break them onto rocks.

The video below gives you a taste of what to expect on your visit.

The best time to watch vultures in Rémuzat

Vultures need thermals to fly. Weighing between 6 and 14 kilos, flight requires a lot of energy. Vultures wait until there is enough warm air in the morning to take off. In the evening, they return to their place in the rock face to spend the night. In bad weather and at the hottest times of the day, the vultures won’t show.

Unfortunately, our camera wasn’t charged when we went to watching the vultures at Rémuzat. So the photos below don’t really do justice to this exceptional experience. We’ll certainly be back soon.


Where to go to go watching vultures in Rémuzat?

Once you’re near Rémuzat, you’ll be able to see vultures flying, especially in the morning. But to see them properly, you need to go to the Rocher de Caire. You can reach this 777-metre-high rock above Rémuzat by car, via the village of St May. After the village, always follow the Vautours signs. The narrow mountain road turns into a dirt track at one point. At the end of this road is the car park.

From the car park, it’s another 15-20 minute walk to the edge of the Rocher de Caire. You’ll recognise the rock by its large wooden cross. As well as the vultures, you can also enjoy the magnificent views.

You can also take the 7.2 km walk across the plateau to the Col de Saint-Véran, higher up. The walk includes 425 metres of climbing.


The map below shows where to see the vultures. There is about 35 km of driving between Le Rêve Provençal and the car park.

Maison des Vautours

In the commune of Rémuzat, the Maison des Vautours visitor centre offers a wealth of information about the vultures of Rémuzat. On the page with the opening hours, you’ll also find 2 good, long videos of watching vultures in Rémuzat.

Fancy something to eat?

If you fancy something to eat after visiting the vultures of Rémuzat, we warmly recommend the Pain D’Epi organic shop along the D94. This organic bakery sells more than just bread and tasty cakes. There is also a food truck on the premises where you can also eat delicious food. There is a lovely shaded terrace.


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