A pleasant walk from Piégon

View of vineyards during the Hameau de Géants walk


From our neighbouring village Piégon you can do a really pleasant walk. The name: Hameau des Géants, or the hamlet of the giants. This walk from Piégon starts at 3 kilometres from our gîte Le Rêve Provençal and has beautiful views of Mirabel-aux-Baronnies and the area of Buis. You walk along olive trees, vineyards and apricot orchards.

Hameau de Géants

The hamlet of the giants, after which the hike from Piégon is named, takes its name from the large human bones found in the crypt of the chapel in this hamlet.

Characteristics of the walk from Piégon

The walk is 10.5 km and there is about 465 meters of height difference to be bridged. The highest point is 810 meters above sea level. The lowest point is at 345 meters and is located at the beginning and end of this walk: the parking opposite the Mairie. The route is not difficult but a bit strenuous because of the considerable difference in height, a few steep climbs and the long descent.

La belle vendangeuse

At the start of the walk you will pass the monumental sculpture La belle vendangeuse. A sculpture carved in clayey sandstone of no less than 30 meters long by Jean-Pierre Eichenberger. It represents vineyards during the 4 seasons of the year.

Along the ruins of the old village

The walk starts by road, via the Notre-Dame-du-Cadenet chapel and past the almost completely overgrown ruins of the old village. Where the route turns right, the path gets steeper and steeper. Up to the highest point – the Col du Gros Moure at 810 meters – narrow and wider paths alternate. The descent is entirely on wide paths and the last part is on the road. It is therefore best to do the walk in the indicated direction.

Pay attention

There are 2 places where you should pay attention. At the Pas de Maneyrole: It is not unlikely that based on the map you think you have to turn right before you get there. If you do that, you will soon encounter yellow stripes again, but they belong to a different walking route! The French description is correct and clear: when the steep narrow path ends up on a dirt road, you have to turn left.

At point 4 of the route, the beginning of the path is not immediately visible; it is slightly to the left in front of you.

Do the walk from Piégon yourself

The route is signposted with yellow stripes, which are often painted on trees. You can find the walk and accompanying GPX track on AllTrails and in the gîte you will find a (French) description and route map (walk 20 in the folder). In addition to this walk from Piégon, you will find many more ideas for walks in the area in the gîte. On AllTrails we have also indicated 2 ways how you can walk from Le Rêve Provençal to the starting point of the walk and possibly walk back via another, longer way. The map can be found at the bottom of this page.




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